Ozi Ozi Ozi : Oi Oi Oi

Australia thrashed India in the ICC Cricket World Cup in Ahmedabad, India, in front of 130,000 Indian supporters. The sea of blue fell silent as Australia scored boundaries and reached its target of 241 in 44th over. Nearly all of India, including Prime Minister Modi and Bollywood stars Shahrukh Khan, Anushka (wife of Kohli), Deepika,Read More

Angelo Mathews of Sri Lanka: Timed out, the first in international cricket across formats.

Angelo Mathews took his time while walking in, and then encountered difficulties with his helmet as the strap broke just as he was taking guard. While he signaled to the dressing room for a new helmet, Shakib and the Bangladesh team made an appeal for a “timed out” dismissal. The umpires upheld the appeal, muchRead More

Pakistani batsmen and rain both played well : Pakistan won

Pakistan defeated New Zealand by 21 runs using the DLS method, keeping their chances of securing a spot in the top 4 alive. In the best-case scenario for Pakistan, they need to secure a victory against England and rely on Sri Lanka defeating New Zealand on November 9 in Bengaluru. However, there’s also a mathematicalRead More

What are the requirements for Pakistan to reach the semi-finals?


Currently, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand have secured places in the crucial top-four positions alongside the host nation, India. However, with 11 group stage matches yet to be played, nearly every team remains in contention. We’ll look into details how Pakistan can qualify for semi final. Pakistan still to play New Zealnd (Today 4thRead More

Waseem Badami apologies over leaked chat of Babar Azam.

Waseem Badami has issued an apology regarding the leaked chat involving Babar Azam. The well-known ARY TV anchor posted a video on his X account, emphasizing that it was a decision made by the production team. https://x.com/WaseemBadami/status/1718749601224864151?s=20 During a live broadcast of an ARY program, a screenshot was shared, revealing a private chat between theRead More

Pakistan worldcup Struggles: Batsmen falling short in almost all matches.

Praying team

Pakistan entered the World Cup with great expectations for their top-order batsmen, who had an impressive track record. However, the top order delivered only on one occasion, which was against Sri Lanka. In that match, they successfully chased down a formidable target of 344, with opener Abdullah Shafique and Mohammad Rizwan both scoring centuries. PakistanRead More

ویمنز بگ بیش لیگ کے نئے سیزن کا آغاز، آسٹریلوی ویمنز کرکٹرز کا انوکھا انداز

ایلیسا ہیلی اور میگ لیننگ ڈبلیو بی بی ایل ٹرافی لے کر سڈنی کی بلند ترین عمارت پر پہنچ گئیں۔ سڈنی ٹاور آئی کی عمارت ایک ہزار چودہ فٹ بلند ہے اس سے پہلے ٹرافئ کبھی اتنی بلندی پر نہیں آئی، یہ ویمنز کرکٹ کے لیے ایک انتہائی دلچسپ لمحہ ہے، ٹورنامنٹ کے آغاز کیRead More