More than 80 people died in a Pakistan terror attack last night – where exactly is the hashtag and the solidarity?

By Murtaza Ali Shah Last night (Thursday), a suicide attack on a shrine in Pakistan killed at least 80 people and injured a further 250 at last count. This comes just two days after a suicide bomber attacked a rally in Lahore, the cultural heart of Pakistan, and killed over a dozen people. Isis hasRead More

No time to hide for US Muslims

Mr. Gorbachev! Tear down this wall!” As Donald Trump goes about walling America in and shutting out the world, those prophetic words of Ronald Reagan, deified by the Republicans as the greatest US president since Abe Lincoln, ring in my ears. Reagan’s words, delivered as part of his historic speech on June 12, 1987 atRead More

Dear migrants, let’s reclaim the flag as a symbol of unity (By Saeed Khan)

For many years now there has been much debate about our national identity. The debate seems to heat up each year around Australia Day.  This year is no different. Last week the United Patriots Front, a far-right racist group targeted a Victorian Australia Day billboard that carried two five year old hijab-wearing Muslim girls wavingRead More

کیا یہ صحیح وقت ہے؟

(شیخ خالد ذاہد) فیصلے کرنا ہر کسی کے بس کی بات نہیں اور صحیح فیصلے کرنے کی صلاحیت تو قدرت کسی کسی کو عطاء کرتی ہے اور پھر فیصلوں کی توصیق کیلئے بھی قدرت کی خصوصی رضامندی درکار ہوتی ہے۔ اہم فیصلے کرنے کیلئے کرنے کیلئے انسان اپنے تجربے اور علم کو روشنی کو اہمیتRead More

CPEC: Symbol of Regional Integration | Dr Muhammad Khan

The concept of globalisation can well be defined as global interconnectedness, which is achieved through regional connectivity. The regional connectivity in turn is achieved through the development of communication network between two or more states and even within the boundaries of a state. In summary, the essence of globalisation is interconnectedness, achieved through world-wide, “Widening,Read More

Is Pakistan Ready for a Take-Off? | Prof Ahsan Iqbal -Federal Minister

The latter half of the 20th century has seen many countries successfully emerge as regional powerhouses. Unfortunately, Pakistan has been struggling to make this happen despite being endowed with rich resources. In the 1960s, Pakistan was touted as a rising economic power like Japan but its progress was derailed due to the 1965 war. InRead More

What Political System For Pakistan? | Ali Ashraf Khan

One of the unfortunate problems we are facing in Pakistan is the struggle that is going on between the only disciplined institution of the country, i.e. military and the most disgruntled, corrupt, money makers and power hungry politicians, the so-called champions of ‘democracy’. When Pakistan came into existence Quaid-e-Azam being a Constitutional lawyer himself whoRead More

Pakistan: A Story of Hope and Resilience | Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif

We live in a connected world, a world that stands duly integrated. The air we breathe, the policies we make, the wars we unleash and the peace we pursue, everything is intertwined in an inextricable manner. This is a reality that we all face from climate change issues to under-nourished children, everything and anything underRead More

Someone has to say it…

by Rida Ahmed There I was a few days back at the WACA with my Australian friends and my very amazing (if I say so myself) “Boom Boom Afridi” poster. These friends of mine aren’t very much interested in cricket… then again, how many Australian teenagers are? So I took on the role of explainingRead More