We have the privilege of informing you regarding a landmark and significant event in the social activities of Pakistani community in Melbourne. Few years back there was a general opinion that the whole Pak community in Melbourne should remain together on ONE platform. Our elders urged various Organisations to merge together to show unity. SituationRead More

A STAR WAS BORN: Brightest of All

Dr. Zarrin S Siddiqui President (Pakistan Association of Western Australia) Pakistan Association of Western Australia sends an electronic newsletter to all its members every second Monday. As usual in the first issue of the March as per the Executive Committee decision we decided to look for people who have contributed significantly to the community inRead More

South Asian Community Link Group

Farrukh Hussain President Ms Liz Beattie In recent years, South Asians have become the fastest growing community in Australia. Keeping in view the strong growth of the population, representatives from South Asian countries are joining hands together to come forward and present themselves under one umbrella for assistance and betterment of South Asian population in Australia. Surely it is firstRead More


Dr Farah Adeeb, Perth   Today when Westerners think of Pakistan, sadly the first thoughts may no longer be about its erratic cricket team, rather terrorism, Islamic fundamentalism, violence, nuclear weapons, fights with India, the Taliban, tribal unrest and perhaps corruption within the military spring to mind. However there is another side of Pakistan, whichRead More

Student ‘tops the world’ in two O-Levels

Via DAILYTIMES: LAHORE: Amn Nasir, a brilliant Lahori student, earned two top positions in the world in Chemistry and Commerce, and topped in the best seven and eight As category in the O-Level International Examinations of Cambridge University. Amn is now enrolled in the A-Level programme at Lahore Grammar School 1-A-1, and takes part inRead More

Pardesi’ opens at Alhamra Art Gallery

By Ali Usman LAHORE: Australian artist Damon Kowarsky – who first came to Lahore as an artist-in-residence at the Beaconhouse National University (BNU) in 2007 – has returned to the country with an exhibit of his latest collection of paintings and prints, ‘Pardesi’, which will open at the Alhamra Art Gallery on Monday. Kowarsky, whoRead More

Geof Lawson interview part 2

This is part 2 of the discussion with Geoff Lawson – recent Pakistan Coach – which I had the privilege of having during the 2009 Boxing Day Test….. This interview was conducted by Pak Awaaz sports correspondent Naeem Mohammed during the Boxing Day Test match in Melbourne Cricket Ground. Naeem Mohammed: What did you takeRead More

Fifth Annual Summer Residency Program for Public Accounts Committees

La Trobe’s Public Sector Governance and Accountability Research Centre conducted its fifth annual Summer Residency Program for Public Accounts Committees in early February. The program, which is supported by AusAID, the World Bank Institute (WBI), Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA) and the Centre for Democratic Institutions (CDI), was attended by thirty-eight Members of Parliament, Auditors- GeneralRead More