Squash: Did Jahangir Khan really win 555 in a row

Khan’s streak of 555 is credited as the longest unbeaten run in any sport. LONDON (AFP) – Pakistan squash legend Jahangir Khan is famed for winning 555 matches in a row, but a new book has cast doubt on the figure and says it might be much lower. In “Jahangir Khan 555”, authors Rod GilmourRead More

! قربانی کے جانور کا بے عیب ہونا

جناب پرویز رشید پر پہلی بار ترس اُس وقت آیا تھا جب اُنہوں نے لندن کے اُس محلّے کی برائی کی جہاں بقول ان کے عمران خان کے بچے رہتے ہیں۔ ”صرف اُس ایریا کا نام لے لیں جہاں خان صاحب کے بچے پل رہے ہیں۔ میں اُس ایریا کا نام نہیں لوں گا کیونکہRead More

Pakistan arrests National Geographic’s famous ‘Afghan girl’

The Afghan woman who posed for photographer Steve McCurry’s famous picture has been arrested by police in Pakistan. Sharbat Gula was taken into custody on charges of falsifying her identity. The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) in Peshawar arrested Gula on Wednesday after a two-year investigation into her and her husband. “FIA arrested Sharbat Gula, an AfghanRead More

Nepalese man charged with murder after body found at Ballarat restaurant

The body of a man, believed to be in his 30s, was found at the Indian eatery, Ballarat Curry House, at Bridge Mall about 8.30pm. A man was found dead inside the double-storey Ballarat Curry House Tuesday night. Pictures: 7 News Homicide squad detectives conducted an overnight investigation and left the scene about 7.30am, theRead More