Queen’s wish has come true!

Queen’s wish come true when England were crowned world champions and the dramatic decider was the craziest of all the World Cup’s crazy moments as Joseph Pearson stated in his article. I her statement, she expressed her wish that she would like to see that England wins Cricket World Cup once in her life time.Read More

!خدا حافظ شعیب ملک

شعیب ملک نے اپنے ون ڈے کیریر کو بھی ورلڈ کپ کے 2019 کے گروپ میچ جو کہ لارڈزکے گراونڈ میں بنگلہ دیش سےتھا ، میں خیرآباد کہہ دیا، ٹیسٹ میچ سے وہ پہلے ہئ  1915 میں ریٹارمنٹ لے چکے تھے- انکا کیریرکم و بیش 20 سال تک محیط یے- لیکن ان تمام سالوں میںRead More

Pakistani expats warned by FBR! Expat What you need to know?

Pakistan has extended the deadline for its tax amnesty scheme until July 3 — allowing more time for people to ‘whiten’ their undisclosed assets, including property and bank accounts. Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Adviser on Finance, Dr Abdul Hafeez Shaikh, announced on Sunday that the deadline for the amnesty scheme, also known as as theRead More