Pakistan election 2018: Pakistan goes to poll today

International independent analysis shed doubts on general election of Pakistan however no candidates or member of general public have complaint so far for any type of rigging.  The big contest is expected between two major parties, Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) PML-N and Pakistan Tehree-e-Insaf (Pakistan Movement for Justice) PTI, other .  The main candidates ofRead More

Fee-free university to open in Pakistan next month

The world’s first fee-free university will be operational next month in Pakistan with 600 students enrolled for three different master degrees. Dr Mohammed Amjad Saqib, executive director of Akhuwat, a micro-finance firm offering interest-free loans (Qarz-e-Hasna) in Pakistan, told Khaleej Times that the institute will be opened in Kasur district, near Lahore, on August 14,Read More