Google pays tribute to Edhi

Abdul Sattar Edhi’s most famous quote was “My religion is humanitarianism, which is the basis of every religion in the world”.  He truly proved that humanitarianism was indeed his religion. Best known as Edhi an ‘Angel of Mercy’ for Pakistan who was also a philanthropist, ascetic who founded the “Edhi Foundation” which runs hospitals, homelessRead More

PSL Final To Be Played In Lahore

All the franchises participating in the Pakistan Super League have, in principle, agreed to play the PSL final in Lahore, as planned by the Pakistan Cricket Board. In a high-level meeting chaired by Chairman PSL Najam Sethi in Dubai on Monday, all the team owners took time to reinforce their solidarity and conviction with theRead More

Plane has crashed into DFO building at Essendon Airport Melbourne

Channel 9 reports suggest that a small Aircraft crashed into the DFO shopping center building near the Essendon Airport, report also suggest that there were five people on board.  The DFO shopping center was closed at the time of crashed.  The ambulances and Melbourne fire brigade are at the scene.  The traffic has been divertedRead More

More than 80 people died in a Pakistan terror attack last night – where exactly is the hashtag and the solidarity?

By Murtaza Ali Shah Last night (Thursday), a suicide attack on a shrine in Pakistan killed at least 80 people and injured a further 250 at last count. This comes just two days after a suicide bomber attacked a rally in Lahore, the cultural heart of Pakistan, and killed over a dozen people. Isis hasRead More

No time to hide for US Muslims

Mr. Gorbachev! Tear down this wall!” As Donald Trump goes about walling America in and shutting out the world, those prophetic words of Ronald Reagan, deified by the Republicans as the greatest US president since Abe Lincoln, ring in my ears. Reagan’s words, delivered as part of his historic speech on June 12, 1987 atRead More

Lahore Blast: 13 killed including 2 top police officers

According to ARY news, DIG Traffic Captain Mubeen and SSP Operations Zahid Gondal along with thirteen other people lost their lives in the blast at Mall Road, which also injured at least more than 70 people.   “The incident occurred as hundreds of chemists protested a new law near the Punjab provincial assembly building,” Rana Sanaullah,Read More

Bano Qudsia -بانوقدسیہ کے انتقال پر رنج بھی اور ان سے معذرت بھی

بانوقدسیہ کے انتقال پر رنج بھی اور ان سے معذرت بھی ہر دور میں آمروں اور اشرافیہ کو ابن الوقت قسم کے لکھاریوں کی ضرورت ہوتی ہے۔ فنکار کا کام کیفیات کو بیانیہ دینا ہوتا ہے اور ان فطرتاﹰ جاہل الطبع آمرانہ سوچوں اور انسانوں کو غلام بنانے والے اذہان کو ایسے قلم کاروں کیRead More

!سفر در سفر زندگی

  ہم بہت دیر تک یا مسلسل اسے دیکھ نہیں سکتے تھے، اس کا مطلب یہ نہیں کہ اس کی تاب نہیں لاسکتے تھے یا پھر اسکی ہیبت سے خوفزدہ تھے۔ اسکی بہت وسیع و عریض وجہ یہ تھی کہ پہاڑوں پر سفر کر رہے تھے، اونچائی اور اترائی  دونوں تواتر سے راستے میں آرہیRead More