Day 3 Of 3rd Test Australia Vs Pakistan By Ahmed Alam Ansari

Australia remains well on top after the third day and can still force a result but there was some silver linings in the dark gloom that Australia has gathered around Pakistan. Younis and Azhar batted really well, and Younis got to his 34th 100, his first at the SCG and first at this venue. ThereRead More

“ہمارا سیاسی ماحول “مذاق

(شیخ خالد ذاہد)  2016 اختتام پذیر ہوچکا، کھونے پانے کی باتیں وقت کو ضائع کرنے کے سوا کچھ نہیں۔ دیواروں پر لٹکے 2016 کے کلنڈر تبدیل کردیئے گئے ہیں ابھی بھی کچھ ایسے گھر ہونگے یا کچھ ایسی جگہیں ہونگی جہاں نا جانے کب سے کسی نے کلنڈر نہیں بدلنا گوارہ نہیں کیا ہوگا معلومRead More

Day 2 of 3rd Test Australia vs Pakistan by Ahmed Alam Ansari

The rain came but it didn’t seem that it did much to affect the Australian batsmen appetite for runs. The avalanche of runs kept on coming. And the fight seemed to go out of Pakistan’s sails. Once again there was no answer to the attack, the batsmen got themselves out. Bowlers looked tired, fielders lookedRead More

Australia domainates the day one of 3rd Test

Another day, another quickfire Warner century. It seemed that no day had passed between the Melbourne test’s last two days. It was a continuation of where Smith left off, Australia pressed the accelerator from the first over. Warner smacked the Pakistani attack around and everyone who was Pakistani and watching prayed that the day would comeRead More