Dear migrants, let’s reclaim the flag as a symbol of unity (By Saeed Khan)

For many years now there has been much debate about our national identity. The debate seems to heat up each year around Australia Day.  This year is no different. Last week the United Patriots Front, a far-right racist group targeted a Victorian Australia Day billboard that carried two five year old hijab-wearing Muslim girls wavingRead More

Pakistani Associations participation in Melbourne’s Australia Day parade

Australia Day is the day when people of all race, religion and country celebrate as an Australian “Australia Day”.  Australia Day, 26th January is the anniversary of arrival of the first fleet of 11 convict ships from Great Britain, and raising of the Union Jack at Sydney Cove by its commander Captain Arthur Phillip, inRead More

3 dead and 25 injured in Melbourne CBD

The baby thrown from the pram in the Melbourne CBD and 3 people dead after a police car chase ended in Melbourne CBD.  A man earlier appeared in the background of  a TV morning show and was ignored by anchor and cameramen.  Later same man involved in the city carnage who was seen by peopleRead More

ایمان کا چوتھا درجہ

ایمان کا چوتھا درجہ میں کئی برسوں بعد گزشتہ سال لاہور گیا، تو ایک نہایت عزیز دوست ہوائی اڈے پر لینے آ گئے۔ ان سے گہری دوستی بھی ہے اور وہ میری منہ پھٹ طبیعت سے واقف بھی تھے۔ میں آمد کے خانے سے برآمد ہوا، تو فوراﹰ میرا سامان میرے ہاتھ سے لیا اورRead More

“Governer of Sindh” Shahid Afridi was congratulated by his cousin.

Boom Boom Shahid Afridi was congratulated by his cousin Javed Afridi (owner of Peshawar Zalmi) for being nominated as a ‘Governor of Sindh.’ As expected, Javed Afridi’s congratulatory tweet went viral, drawing hundreds of retweets and likes from cricket fans. But their jubilation turned sour some 40 minutes later when Javed Afridi posted a secondRead More

” ضربِ قلم اور آن لائن لکھاری “

(شیخ خالد ذاہد) پاکستان میں لکھنے والوں کی کمی نہیں ہے۔ سیاست پر لکھنے کی بات ہو یا ادب کی کسی بھی صنف پر طبع آزمائی درکار ہو، آپ کو ایک سے ایک قلم کار مل جائے گا۔ جب سے انٹر نیٹ پر اشاعت کا سلسلہ شروع ہوا ہے تو ہم جیسے لکھنے والے بھیRead More

The punishment is over! Thank God

And so the inevitable came to pass. There was no real resistance from the Pakistan batsmen on a pitch that was very similar to what they have been batting on previously. It was a very listless performance by a team that came to these shores with a reputation for being tough and being able toRead More

Pakistan’s Mustafa Ali defeats Israeli competitor in WWE

Professional wrestler Mustafa Ali became the first Pakistani to step foot in a WWE ring last year, and eventually signed with the company. While he performed on last week’s episode of WWE’s 205 Live, an hour-long weekly show dedicated to cruiserweight competitors, his match against Puerto Rican wrestler John Yurnet did not show Ali’s fullRead More