Pakistani scientist’s breakthrough in Hormone Research

There is no limit to talent within Pakistan. A former Pakistani Harvard fellow, Dr. Talat Waseem, serving at Services Institute of Medical Sciences, Lahore, has discovered important roles ghrelin in gastrointestinal tract. Ghrelin has been recently thought to be related to control of feeding behavior. He won 2009 Travel Award and presented his research workRead More

Islamic Banking and Finance Services

By Maria Bhatti and Hyder Gulam The Islamic banking and finance (IBF) system is a small but growing sector in the finance industry which is gaining popularity due to its ability to present an alternative banking system. Globalisation and the rising number of faithful Muslims has made it advantageous for the Australian finance market toRead More

South Asian Community Link Group

Farrukh Hussain President Ms Liz Beattie In recent years, South Asians have become the fastest growing community in Australia. Keeping in view the strong growth of the population, representatives from South Asian countries are joining hands together to come forward and present themselves under one umbrella for assistance and betterment of South Asian population in Australia. Surely it is firstRead More