Pakistan Australia Association of Melbourne [PAAM] celebrates Pakistan Day Function

Pakistan Day falls on 23rd of March and is celebrated to commemorate the passing of the Lahore Resolution “in Lahore” on 23rd March 1940, which came to be called as Pakistan Resolution. This resolution gave direction to the Muslims of Indian Subcontinent and ultimately under the exemplary leadership of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, they succeededRead More


by Zarrin S Siddiqui The month of March has special significance in the history of Pakistan which goes back to 70 years when Lahore resolution now called as Pakistan Resolution was passed on 23rd March. The Pakistani organisations around Australia celebrate this day by organising different activities. This year the day was observed on 3rdRead More

Second Fashion Pakistan Week 2010 07-11 April 2010 in Karachi

Report and Photo graphs prepared by: Shahrukh Rasheed Melbourne, Australia After the splendid success of Fashion Pakistan Week 1 in Lahore, the 2nd edition of the Fashion Week 2010 is currently going great in the southern port city of Karachi. Fashion Pakistan is single largest Platform for fashion designers, fashion entrepreneurs and fashion journalists. ToRead More


Dr Farah Adeeb, Perth   Today when Westerners think of Pakistan, sadly the first thoughts may no longer be about its erratic cricket team, rather terrorism, Islamic fundamentalism, violence, nuclear weapons, fights with India, the Taliban, tribal unrest and perhaps corruption within the military spring to mind. However there is another side of Pakistan, whichRead More