Health Alert! Five Minutes with Dr. Sohail Siddiqui

Smoking Stinks An old Arab proverb ‘Smoking is good for you’, ‘The dogs will not bite you because you smell so bad; thieves will not rob you at night because you cough in your sleep and you will not suffer the indignities of old age because you will die when you are relatively young.’ WhatRead More

Your Right to Rights

The talk about right to rights is not a new phenomenon. For decades, Australia has resisted enacting Bill of Rights at Federal level due to fear of transfer of political power to unelected judges1. Australia is probably the only common law country in the world that does not have a Bill of Rights. While weRead More

Pakistanis in Australia

By : Sohail Amjad Melbourne. Migration People from Pakistan have been in Australia since the 1860s. Many came from the southern region of Baluchistan. Some lived in central Australia, working as camel drivers, trainers and breeders, wool and water carriers, hawkers and mail carriers. ‘Afghan’ hawkers, including people from what is today Pakistan, were commonlyRead More

What is happening?

Pakistani Philanthropist Wins 2009 UN Prize for Non-Violence (via Dr Abul Sattar Edhi of the Edhi Foundation in Karachi has been awarded the 2009 United Nations Mananjeet Singh Prize for Promotion of Tolerance and Non-Violence in recognition of his services for his life-long efforts to ameliorate the conditions of the most disadvantaged groups inRead More